Monday, January 12, 2009

Long jackets / coat = Jilbab for work

Ezibuy Coat
I really really love Ezibuy, they started in Palmerston North here in New Zealand in the 70's as a catalogue company and now are a trans-Tasman business with catalogues, the internet store and bricks and mortar stores in major centres. Most of their clothing is pretty low priced although they have some 'designer' ranges that use better quality fabric and are a bit fancier in general. What I love about their clothing is that a lot of it is longer and looser than what you can find elsewhere. They sell heaps of long sleeve booty covering shirts, maxi skirts and dresses and even Indian inspired items.
This weekend I got this lovely long jacket over 50% off and the same item in black. I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear and although they are polyester they don't look nasty and they will be light for Spring/Autumn or I can layer underneath. They are really modest and with a long skirt are definitly jilbab equivalent. I would have bought one in brown too but as NZ women mostly don't wear brown for work they didn't have one. Can't have everything.
I've paired in here with a lovely Anokhi scarf and workwear accessories.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Supre Maxis

The Australian newspaper The Age has this great story on using maxi dresses as part of hijab so I thought I'd do a quick polyvore of maxi dresses the chain store Supre is currently selling:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vietnam Abaya

Most cultures have a history of modest dressing, its only recently that people started wearing exposing clothes that are tight and see through. The film Heave & Earth contains many images of modest dressing, I'm not sure if they are indeed traditional Vietnamese outfits but they are beautiful none the less. The characters in Good Morning Vietnam also wear similar clothes.

This one on the left is quite tight, a good reminder that the headscarf should be drapped over the bosom.
Here's two similar abayas from Aab