Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chalina (said as in See-leee-naaah as in the film 'Selena')

I've found these neat mexican cotton scarves called Chalinas that could be used for hijab, which one do you like best?

They are 0.3m by 1.3m so really good for coverage and they are made in in the State of Chipas, Mexico by Chamulas Indians.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Great piece: Herringbone jacket

Herringbone is great and it’s everywhere this Winter. Shopping over the weekend, I saw it on clothes and furnishings. It's a pattern I normally associate with men but it looks great on women for formal wear. I bought the jacket above in grey as that’s the most versatile for my wardrobe. I do hope it will come down in price though and I will buy it in some more adventurous shades like blue and green.

To wear a jacket modestly either pair it with a long knit with loose wide-leg trousers or wear it with a maxi skirt.