Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rayyan's Sixteenth Outfit

OMG Rayyan without a hijab! An interesting thing about Zarqa Nawaz being stuck with having to choose primarily non-Muslim characters to play Mercy's Muslims, as there were no appropriate Muslim actors available, is that they have no objection to being filmed without hijab as Muslima muhajabat would have. For example, Rayyan's mother Sarah never wears hijab outside the masjid (and then only a sheer scarf), Rayyan is shown mostly with hijab but without at home and Fatima is shown always wearing hijab except when they she first goes to a 'Women's Aqua Fit Class'.

The look that Rayyan is sporting here is hijab ready, like she has come home from work and taken off her scarf:

Al-Farah's Cotton Spandex Blouse in Forest Green for USD $24.99

Shukr's Braided Belt Denim Skirt for £28.95 or from Shukr USA for USD $48.95

Rayyan is a shayla girl but seeing I have free range at selecting a scarf option, I would pair this outfit with a dramatic tesettur scarf like this:

Hijab Planet's Peri Silk Hijab for USD $55.95

or a cheaper and simpler shayla:

Hijab Boutique's Teal Shayla for £4.79

Monday, March 17, 2008

Remember to Pray!

Watching this episode made me think I should remind myself, and my readers that as much as hijab fashion is fun, remember that in everything we do we should be striving to please Allah (swt).

Rayyan's Fifteenth Outfit

Here Rayyan is wearing a brown thigh length coat over a orangy long shirt and brown trousers:

Anaan Cotton Sweater Jacket in Dark Brown for USD $49.95

She's wearing that top from Outfit One and Five again. I've found another option:

Shukr's Inverted Pleat Shirt in Henna for USD $48.95

For the pants you could use your Shukr's Lengha Pants in Dark Brown for USD $48.95 or

Al-Farah's Brown Slacks in Brown/Cream for USD $23.99

Friday, March 14, 2008

Rayyan's Thirteenth Outfit - Abaya Substitute

Here's a very pretty dress Arrayan Dress in Sand for USD $79.95 Althought it's not cheap you get two items for the prices of one, you can wear the emboridered dress by itself or wear the open dress over other items in your wardrobe. You could even buy some of the other Arrayan Dresses which come in Sea Blue over Black and Grape over White and mix and match the layers.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rayyan's Thirteenth Outfit

Rayyan to the rescue for Fatimah's knee!

I'll leave the medical coat out of the outfit as its a job specific item. Rayyan is wearing the same top from Rayyan's Tenth Outfit - Shirt but I've found some new options for you:

Al-Farah Beaded Embroidered Blouse for USD $24.99 in Brown(image) or tan(swatch)

Here's a nice jacket option:
Al-Farah's Micro Suede Jacket in Tan for $26.99

Rayyan's wearing brown trousers, here are some:

These pants are most similar to Rayyan's but you may want something wider GNL USA's Long Pants in Brown for USD $14.99

So wide they're almost a skirt! Shukr's Lengha Pants in Dark Brown for USD $48.95

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rayyan's Thirteenth Outfit - Hijab

I adore this hijab, it is incredibly stylish and soft. The shayla is pink and is covered in floral patterns and hearts, and is worn over an olive green underscarf. I can't find any similar so I've found some really nice paisley pashmina options:

Scarf World's Jacquard Pashmina (Petal Pink Paisley) for £11.99

Scarf World's Beaded Pashmina Shawl (Rose Floral Paisley) for £34.99
Yes it's expensive but it is true pashmina and is very pretty.

Scarf World, has a wonderful section that is rare in general accessory sites in that it has a specific range of Hijab Scarves! They have a huge selection and I applaud them for responding to the needs of the Muslim community and encourage you all to have a look at their great website and huge range of scarves.

I have included this scarf, also as although it is quite different from Rayyan's scarf, it will match Rayyan's Thirteenth outfit well and has the soft floaty quality of the scarf she is wearing above:

Al Hannah Kuwaiti Style Wrap Hijab hi1276 in Pink for USD$14.99

Another pink option:
Aminah Fashions' Chiffon hijab with floral embroidery and diamante Code: style 4H for £4.95

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rayyan's Seventh Outfit - Top Update

I see that Spiegels has now sold out of the top I recommended in Rayyan's Seventh Outfit - Top so I thought I would find a new option. Fortunately while searching for kurta options for my post on Rayyan's Twelth Outfit - Top I found this gorgeous kurta that is very similar and very modest as it is lined.

Kismet Bazaar's Pretty Sequined Extra Long Tunic 108854t for USD$24.99

While I'm at it, I also love this kurta

Kismet Bazaar's Pretty Sequined Extra Long Tunic 108854b for USD$24.99

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rayyan's Twelth Outfit - Top

This is picture from an older version of the Little Mosque website shows the same top worn in this episode but gives you a much better idea of its wonderful emrodiery. I love this top, but as with many of Rayyan's clothes part of their gorgeousness is their uniqueness so I don't think I'll be able to find something similar. I've tried to choose things that would go with the hijab I've chosen. You can't see Rayyan's skirt here so I'd just suggest you wear one of your black skirts.

Forgive me, I love Kurta but please remember with kurta, most of them are not muhajabat friendly on their own as they can be sheer or have 3/4 sleeves, remember to wear
a Trendy Long Sleeved V-Neck 100% Cotton Shirt US $18.99 underneath.

Garment Mart's Exclusive Designer World Kurti for $56.20

Garment Mart's Black Lucknowi Kurti for USD $34.60

Indian Dresses' Black Georgette Kurti - Kr-119 for USD$39

Garment Mart's Pink Stone Tunik for USD$49.90
Are you brave enough for pink hijab on pink tunic, if not go for a black shayla.

Here's a great basics skirt:
Shukr's A-LIne Skirt with Buttoned Waist for USD $48.95