Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rayyan's Twelth Outfit - Top

This is picture from an older version of the Little Mosque website shows the same top worn in this episode but gives you a much better idea of its wonderful emrodiery. I love this top, but as with many of Rayyan's clothes part of their gorgeousness is their uniqueness so I don't think I'll be able to find something similar. I've tried to choose things that would go with the hijab I've chosen. You can't see Rayyan's skirt here so I'd just suggest you wear one of your black skirts.

Forgive me, I love Kurta but please remember with kurta, most of them are not muhajabat friendly on their own as they can be sheer or have 3/4 sleeves, remember to wear
a Trendy Long Sleeved V-Neck 100% Cotton Shirt US $18.99 underneath.

Garment Mart's Exclusive Designer World Kurti for $56.20

Garment Mart's Black Lucknowi Kurti for USD $34.60

Indian Dresses' Black Georgette Kurti - Kr-119 for USD$39

Garment Mart's Pink Stone Tunik for USD$49.90
Are you brave enough for pink hijab on pink tunic, if not go for a black shayla.

Here's a great basics skirt:
Shukr's A-LIne Skirt with Buttoned Waist for USD $48.95


Umm Zaid said...

As-Salaamu Alaykum:

I would like to leave a note for you and for your readers: the photograph you are posting as an "Essence of Black" photograph is in reality a photograph that was taken, without permission, from SHUKR Islamic Clothing's website. This is the original design (with the original, copyrighted photographs):

If they sell such a product, then it is a copy of an original SHUKR design. SHUKR's clothing is designed exclusively by a hijab wearing American woman (who is also a well trained fashion designer with industry experience) who understands our needs when it comes to modesty, but also understands what it means to wear clothing that is in keeping with current styles. I'm sure many of us remember the days when we were relegated to the older women's area of the department store to find long skirts, and when long sleeved tops only came in winter fabrics.

If people want quality, original designs such as the one featured in our photograph, they should purchase directly from SHUKR, and not from people who not only copy photos and designs, but whole descriptions, names, and item numbers.

SHUKR quality and innovation is only guaranteed when it comes from SHUKR or authorized resalers.

SHUKR was founded on Islamic morals and values and was the first company to produce Islamic clothing with the cultural context of Western Muslims in mind. Please remember that everyone at SHUKR -- from our owners to the designer to the guys who take care of the kitchen and take out the garbage -- is a religious Muslim, and that SHUKR strives to pay all of its employees at or above market wages, to stand against the exploitation of garment workers that is rife in the fashion industry -- including the "Islamic" fashion industry.

It is unfortunate that some businesses are taking advantage of the hard work of others instead of forging their own brands and identity with their own original work.

We hope that those within the Western Muslim community understand the service that SHUKR is trying to provide, and that they choose to support companies like ours. As our company continues to grow, we hope that our range of products will grow as well. Any savings that we find are always passed along to customers first.

Thank you.

Celeritas said...

I would first like to thank you for your comprehensive comment and your desire to keep us all informed.

I too was suprised that Essence of Black's picture looked so much like Shukr's but just chose to think the best of presumably Muslim company and assumed that nothing was fishy.

Now that you have informed me I will be very careful with Essence of Black. I had no idea that a presumably Muslim company would take a photo and design without permissioin. It is shocking that people would behave in this way and I hope that Shukr is persuing legal action against the company. I will amend the post. Just so anyone reading knows the offending skirt is Essence of Black's Box Pleated Skirt in Black US $29.97

Thankyou for your comment umm zaid and thank you for Shukr for all your wonderful clothing (now if only international shipping was cheaper).