Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rayyan's Fifteenth Outfit - Hijab

I really like this scarf, a sheer shayla in maroony red, brown and yellow over a brown underscarf with a white teardrop stick pin.

I love paisley so I've chosen heaps:

Scarf World's Beaded Pashmina Shawl (Crimson Peony Paisley) for £34.99

Scarf World's Jamawar Shawl (Brown Flower Paisley) for £19.99

Scarf World's Jamawar Shawl (Gold Flower Paisley) for £19.99

Scarf World's Chiffon Scarf (Caramel Leopard and Paisley) for £5.99

and for the pin:
Hijab Store Online's Hijab Pin - Pearl Drop for £2.75


Vanessa Fatima said...

Leopard and paisley together?! who would've thought it could look so gorgeous! I most def. haaave to buy that hijab. jazakallah celeritas.

& the teardrop pin... props on the attention to detail (:

Alixianna said...

My absolute favourite posts are when you give us Rayyan's hijabs. I can't wait for the pink and fan one from Meet JJ.

Lili said...

Have you looked at Veiled By Design? They have a lot of options that to me look like Rayyan's style. Love your blog, btw.

Celeritas said...

Salaam to you all,

I love doing hijab posts, That's why I usually feature a few options rather than the one or two items in an outfit post.

I haven't forgotten your request alixianna but I've still got quite a way to go to get to the Meet JJ episode, as I'm still on the first season. Inshallah I will get there.

I do sometimes look at Veiled by Design but its actually not in my bookmarks of good hijab sites and now they have a good range I really should bookmark them. Thankyou for the reminder lili

Zaenab said...

lovvvvvee these hijabs!!!

navenave said...

Hello, do you purchase the shawl? i don't wear hijad but i find the shawl very pretty and the pins too.

Celeritas said...


Unfortunately most of the items have been discontinued. If you search around Scarf World's website you may find something similar.

Anonymous said...

You women look really beautiful in Hijab.

Be Happy.