Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Switch up your eşarp, switch up your accessories

Here's a great basic tesettür outfit of a white coat with beige trousers and two eşarp with accessory options. Pierre Cardin is an Italian born French fashion designer who has his name on a billion different sartorial options. His scarves are sold as headscarves but the fashion pictures are not hijab appropriate. So I've taken a similar color outfit here but did a tesettür take on this with a white coat and pale beige pants. There's two accessory options with the purple bag and yellow shoes, think Jessica Parker with the purple explosion scarf on the left. With the red bag and turquoise shoes with the turquoise explosion scarf on the right. Hope you all like the accessories!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shiny shiny!

Yes this look is over the top, I really wouldn't wear it, not only because some things are expensive but I just wouldn't dress this bright and shiny. (Love the trousers) But it was so fun to match the eşarp to different clothes. This however is not a Turkish pirce silk eşarp but its a USD$7.90 2hijab floral hijab! These hijabs on 2hijab aren't actually floral but they are pretty swirly, checked and geometic satin scarves. They are also great if you are scared of the small square silk scarves that are sold as eşarp which are often 90cm squared as they are 50cm x 180cm shaylas.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Aker's cover short

This eşarp is absolutely amazing and is the first image in Aker's flash intro I've matached it with an Islam Orient white jilbab with a mandarin collar or a Tekbir Ladies White Trouser Suit by Tekbir on eBay for £65

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Swirl, stripe tulips

This Polyvore shows a skirt I just bought with a black coat and boots. This to me is the quintessential tesettür look, a loose long skirt and coat in neutral colors with a daring scarf. The eşarp (silk scarf) is Aker code 4308701 and comes in a heap of range of colours so I have included all the ones that match this outfit and the display picture in the top right. I personally like the black one best but whats great about tesettür is that your clothes can be the same but your scarves can be really different.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Silver skirtsuit with silver and black hijab

I love this Tuğba Giyim outfit as it would be work appropriate and looks very classy. Some may prefer a looser fit around the waist so choose a less tailored jacket or a coat.

I've included four scarf options, a plain silk scarf with tassels, a pink floral which would make the outfit less formal, a floral silk scarf quite similar to the Tuğba Giyim one and also silk chameuse fabric that could be made into a hijab as described by Ange.

Saif bone caps

hayah left a great comment advising me of some other shiny underscarves so I decided to do this rainbow polyvore with the colorful ones. They also have black, white, grey, white cream and brown ones but a lot of eşarp are colorful so these are more of interest to me. These are Satin Bone Caps from Saif Clothing for £3 which includes shipping if you're in the UK or if you're are international its a flat fee of £15 so you might want to buy something else from Saif.

Muslimbase also have a great range of colors of satin bonnet caps for £1.99.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shiny tesettür underscarves

This is such a beautiful silk headscarf, eşarp from Ugoza but the focus in this post is the pretty underscarf. Most Turkish hijab are silk so presumably the shiny underscarf is also silk, here are what I could find for sale on the internet:

Simply Islam Bone Hair Cap in Silk Saten for US$5.16 are available in a range of colors.

Hijab and satin underscarf for sale on eBay for £7.49, Insh'allah the sister will continue to sell these sets in her eBay store Hijab Elegance

There are also satin underscarves for sale by themselves in purple or green for £2.50.

Alternatively you could sew a piece of satin on to an underscarf you already own (you could turn it around if you wanted the un-satin piece to show), use a satin scarf as an underlayer to another scarf (although this could be slippery) or use an elastic satin headband.

Black & White Embroidered Coat with Zebra Hijab

Inspired by a Tekbir Giyim Outfit shown in the introduction posting. This would be a great outfit for work or Jummah. The shift dress that comes with the coat is great, it means if its hot you can leave the coat open. The coat is a lot shorter than the Tekbir Giyim one, if you prefer you could wear a black skirt.

Welcome to my Tesettür-Hijab Blog

Salaam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatu,

I am a big fan of the way Turkish women wear hijab/cover themselves, called Tesettür which commonly features a square silk scarf (eşarp) and a coat (manteau) suit with either trousers or a long skirt. I plan to show pictures and videos of Tesettür as inspiration, use Polyvore to imitate these outfits, share links from Tesettür websites and find Tesettür items within normal hijab and Western clothing shops.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rayyan's Twenteeith Outfit

Here's Rayyan Hamoudi in her usual at home, no hijab attire. Note the hijab-hair!

I think this outfit is pretty dreadful, red-purple hijab with a navy shirt and brown doesn't make sense. Al-Farah used to make long navy shirt but they are now out of stock so you can try this shorter navy shirt from Liz Claiborne. She wore the long brown coat in Episode 15 but I beat most muhajabat have a brown and black coat and there are other options like khaki or olive, white or denim too! Try Shukr's outerwear section or Modern muslimah's tesettur options.

Here are some great shirts from Shukr that do go with a reddish, plummish, purplesh hijab:

Click to enlarge
Shukr's Sundial Wrap Top in Cherry for US $48.95 is now only available is size 2XL but there are other colors available in the other sizes and wrap shirts are very Rayyanni, see outfits nine and 11.

Click to enlarge
Shukr's Jersey Dress Top in Cherry for USD $44.95 is really pretty and well matched with the Lace Contrast Skirt in Buterrcream/ Red Plum for USD $48.95 shown here. We don't get to see what is worn with Rayyan's unmatching navy shirt and I think this gorgeous a-line shape off-white with plum goes wonderfully with any of the hijab options I selected.

If you like a pale purple to go with the red & mauve hijab try this:

Click to enlarge
Shukr's Piped Lace Blouse for USD $54.95, the slight contrast detailing around the middle and on the sleeves makes a reference to the belt trend, without revealing your shape.

Or for a darker purple that is still pale:

Click to enlarge
Shukr's Samarkand Tunic is Grape Shake for USD $59.95 features a cute tie accross the middle without cinching in, perfect if you like the belt trend but don't want to show your curves. The embroidery at the wrist and up the arm is sort of a one-toned take on the detailing on khaliji abayas.

Here's some other great purple/plum skirt options:

Click to enlarge
Wow this bold is a bold eye-popping skirt but if you love purple I really recommend you try Shukr's Jersey Tie Front Skirt in Grape for USD $54.95

Click to enlarge
This skirt is really flowy and long, perfect for those that love the 2 piece equivalent to an abaya look Shurkr's 24-Gore Godet Skirt in Hibiscus for $54.95