Sunday, July 13, 2008

Swirl, stripe tulips

This Polyvore shows a skirt I just bought with a black coat and boots. This to me is the quintessential tesettür look, a loose long skirt and coat in neutral colors with a daring scarf. The eşarp (silk scarf) is Aker code 4308701 and comes in a heap of range of colours so I have included all the ones that match this outfit and the display picture in the top right. I personally like the black one best but whats great about tesettür is that your clothes can be the same but your scarves can be really different.


Adela said...

I love the scarves you chose for this lovely outfit, but I think the bright colors on a black background would really allow you to choose some lovely accessories. I am very glad you started this blog to focus on tesettur fashion! :)

Celeritas said...

Jazaks for your advice adela, you're right I should spend a bit longer on choosing accessories.

basbousa said...

Beautiful outfit!