Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shiny tesettür underscarves

This is such a beautiful silk headscarf, eşarp from Ugoza but the focus in this post is the pretty underscarf. Most Turkish hijab are silk so presumably the shiny underscarf is also silk, here are what I could find for sale on the internet:

Simply Islam Bone Hair Cap in Silk Saten for US$5.16 are available in a range of colors.

Hijab and satin underscarf for sale on eBay for £7.49, Insh'allah the sister will continue to sell these sets in her eBay store Hijab Elegance

There are also satin underscarves for sale by themselves in purple or green for £2.50.

Alternatively you could sew a piece of satin on to an underscarf you already own (you could turn it around if you wanted the un-satin piece to show), use a satin scarf as an underlayer to another scarf (although this could be slippery) or use an elastic satin headband.


Jana said...

Salaam Celeritas!! Loving the new blog :) Here's another site that sells those satin underscarves for £3 (and shipping is free:

Jana said...

Another Turkish hijab company:

basbousa said...

Congratulations with your new blog! I will add it to my hijab fashion blog links. Love the underscarves!

Celeritas said...

Hayah - I've done a new post from your link and I've added Yaren eşarp link to my Tesettür link list.

Basbousa- thanks for adding me to your links.