Friday, February 29, 2008

Rayyan's Ninth Outfit - Abaya Substitute

As voted for, here is an abaya substitute for Rayyan's Ninth Outfit of a green wrap belted shirt over denim skirt with floral scarf. I've used
Veiled by Design's Magenta & Olive Floral Print on Black 21" x 71" Rectangular Scarf for US$17.99 and Rayannes Design Wave Cut Abaya in Dusty Green for AUD $74.99

Jazakallah to Alixianna for her post The Two Rayannes on her fantastic blog Beautiful Muslimah for finding this abaya for me

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rayyan's Twelth Outfit - Hijab

In this episode Rayyan explains the Hijab at the disastrous open day at the mosque and wears this lovely dark pink hijab to show how stylish it can be. Here's the back of the scarf to show the detail of the material:

This scarf is a large sheer shayla in dark pink which has been wrapped a number of times over a black one-piece amira to ensure opacity. The scarf contains large pices of silver glitter and has no tassels. I have a scarf like this is a paler pink and its a really great fashion hijab which you can wear to parties or whenever you like if your a color fan like me!

Here's a really cute, although slightly different hijab substitute:

Here's the back so you can get a better idea of the gorgeous sequins and beads:

Rayyan wears a very simple silver and sparkly hijab pin like this:

Star Scarves' Clear 7 Gem Bow Stick Deluxe Hijab Pin for USD $4.50

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rayyan's Eleventh Outfit - Jalabia substitute

Rayyan never wears the more covering Muslima styles of dress like abaya, jilbab or long duster but I'm sure some of you do. Here's two lovely orange options from Ahad-Ahad in the tune of Rayyan's Eleventh Outfit - Shirt and Skirt

Ahad-Ahad's Jalabia for women made of curly chiffon fabric adorned with elegant sparkling colors for USD$80

Ahad-Ahad's Sound of Dawn Jalabia in Same Color as Photo for USD$120

This is not a usual feature in my blog, just a trial, if you like this idea of fuller coverage substitutes for Rayyan's outfits please comment on the outfits you would like fuller coverage versions of or request a general introduction of fuller coverage options.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rayyan's Eleventh Outfit - Shirt and Skirt

This is the same wrap top as Rayyan's Ninth Outfit - Top but its pumpkin! Remember muhajabat if you find a piece of modest clothing that you like, buy it in as many colors as suit you. Again this is a rare item with a buckle wrap in an unusual color so I stuck with the color as the priority when finding substitutes.

Remember to order one size larger for this more fitted style Sierra Trading Post's Woolrich Maylene Shirt USD$14.95
Or try this less shaped embroidered number Sierra Trading Post's Aventura Clothing by Sportif USA Mallory Shit USD$31.95

Rayyan's skirt - from what is visible, is a brown basic, try this skirt:

This Orvis Linenwease Pull-On Skirt USD$29 is great when you are in a hurry, no zips or buttons to fiddle with