Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rayyan's Twelth Outfit - Hijab

In this episode Rayyan explains the Hijab at the disastrous open day at the mosque and wears this lovely dark pink hijab to show how stylish it can be. Here's the back of the scarf to show the detail of the material:

This scarf is a large sheer shayla in dark pink which has been wrapped a number of times over a black one-piece amira to ensure opacity. The scarf contains large pices of silver glitter and has no tassels. I have a scarf like this is a paler pink and its a really great fashion hijab which you can wear to parties or whenever you like if your a color fan like me!

Here's a really cute, although slightly different hijab substitute:

Here's the back so you can get a better idea of the gorgeous sequins and beads:

Rayyan wears a very simple silver and sparkly hijab pin like this:

Star Scarves' Clear 7 Gem Bow Stick Deluxe Hijab Pin for USD $4.50


We Love Hijab said...

I love these pink scarves! :o)

I'm so sorry doll! I missed your comment about makeup and white hijabs from last week, but I found it today and posted an answer to it. Here's the link:


Naeemah said...

Love the pink!!!

Alixianna said...

I am usually sad when watching Little Mosque beacause Rayyan's mother never fails to disapoint me, but I loved how Rayyan tried to explain marriage in this episode 'window shopping' and how all the power's really in the hands of the woman for the initial get together. She looked very trendy and pretty in her pink hijab while Sara made a mess of everything/