Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rayyan's Eleventh Outfit - Jalabia substitute

Rayyan never wears the more covering Muslima styles of dress like abaya, jilbab or long duster but I'm sure some of you do. Here's two lovely orange options from Ahad-Ahad in the tune of Rayyan's Eleventh Outfit - Shirt and Skirt

Ahad-Ahad's Jalabia for women made of curly chiffon fabric adorned with elegant sparkling colors for USD$80

Ahad-Ahad's Sound of Dawn Jalabia in Same Color as Photo for USD$120

This is not a usual feature in my blog, just a trial, if you like this idea of fuller coverage substitutes for Rayyan's outfits please comment on the outfits you would like fuller coverage versions of or request a general introduction of fuller coverage options.


Anonymous said...

This one is so beautiful! I don't think I would wear it out but I would wear it at home to look beautiful for some lucky man LOL.

Celeritas said...

These sort of jalabia would normally be worn by Arab women as house dressers. They would cover them with an abaya when they go out.

Alixianna said...

Exactly--- LOL---I lived and slept in my jalabyia in our house in Oman. Have you seen Rayyan's hijab (the pink one with fans printed on it?) on the meet JJ episode? If you could post the whereabouts of THAT hijab (I've seen it before on the wed) I would be forever, ever grateful. Shukran sis. And I liked your comment on fashion police on Precious Modesty's blog.