Friday, July 11, 2008

Saif bone caps

hayah left a great comment advising me of some other shiny underscarves so I decided to do this rainbow polyvore with the colorful ones. They also have black, white, grey, white cream and brown ones but a lot of eşarp are colorful so these are more of interest to me. These are Satin Bone Caps from Saif Clothing for £3 which includes shipping if you're in the UK or if you're are international its a flat fee of £15 so you might want to buy something else from Saif.

Muslimbase also have a great range of colors of satin bonnet caps for £1.99.


*~Ange~* said...

thats the cutest pic!

Celeritas said...

Hehe thankyou, I thought it was fun!

Pixie said...

Mmmmm, candy colours.