Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rayyan's Twenteeith Outfit

Here's Rayyan Hamoudi in her usual at home, no hijab attire. Note the hijab-hair!

I think this outfit is pretty dreadful, red-purple hijab with a navy shirt and brown doesn't make sense. Al-Farah used to make long navy shirt but they are now out of stock so you can try this shorter navy shirt from Liz Claiborne. She wore the long brown coat in Episode 15 but I beat most muhajabat have a brown and black coat and there are other options like khaki or olive, white or denim too! Try Shukr's outerwear section or Modern muslimah's tesettur options.

Here are some great shirts from Shukr that do go with a reddish, plummish, purplesh hijab:

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Shukr's Sundial Wrap Top in Cherry for US $48.95 is now only available is size 2XL but there are other colors available in the other sizes and wrap shirts are very Rayyanni, see outfits nine and 11.

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Shukr's Jersey Dress Top in Cherry for USD $44.95 is really pretty and well matched with the Lace Contrast Skirt in Buterrcream/ Red Plum for USD $48.95 shown here. We don't get to see what is worn with Rayyan's unmatching navy shirt and I think this gorgeous a-line shape off-white with plum goes wonderfully with any of the hijab options I selected.

If you like a pale purple to go with the red & mauve hijab try this:

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Shukr's Piped Lace Blouse for USD $54.95, the slight contrast detailing around the middle and on the sleeves makes a reference to the belt trend, without revealing your shape.

Or for a darker purple that is still pale:

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Shukr's Samarkand Tunic is Grape Shake for USD $59.95 features a cute tie accross the middle without cinching in, perfect if you like the belt trend but don't want to show your curves. The embroidery at the wrist and up the arm is sort of a one-toned take on the detailing on khaliji abayas.

Here's some other great purple/plum skirt options:

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Wow this bold is a bold eye-popping skirt but if you love purple I really recommend you try Shukr's Jersey Tie Front Skirt in Grape for USD $54.95

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This skirt is really flowy and long, perfect for those that love the 2 piece equivalent to an abaya look Shurkr's 24-Gore Godet Skirt in Hibiscus for $54.95


Alixianna said...

I love the last skirt---hibiscus is one of my fave shades from shukr.

Hayah said...

I loooove that first top from Shukr - very pretty!

Basbousa said...

Love your page, you are in my fashion links :)

Dino$ said...

love love love the clothes! where can i get them?!?!

btw are you rayan? and is she muhajabah or not.. couldnt help but notice she isnt in the last pic.

Anyway love love love love the clothes especially the purple skirt! Any stores in dubai

Celeritas said...

Salam Dino
The clothes in this post are from online shop Shukr To buy any of the clothes in my blog look for the underlined link under each picture.

No I'm not Rayyan, she is a character on the Canadian TV show Little Mosque on the Prairie played by non-Muslim actress Sitara Hewitt. The shows creator wanted to get Muslim actors for the show but in the end could only get one who plays the Imam.

Thanks for your comment!

Scarf Ace said...

i linked ur blog in my latest post. i was trying to find a good side view of how rayyan's scarf often flows in the back with the fringe hanging down... there's one dressy goldish one of hers i remember...

Poppy Dadswell said...

an interesting blog

hannah said...

love your blog!! i always admire rayyan's outfits. do you happen to know when the next season starts?? i cant find any info about it!!

Zaenab said...

i love the shukr clothes! i added youto my blog btw! hope ramadan is going well :D

janan said...

Nice blog!
I added a link to it in my blog. Hope you dont mind?

Mine is : (if u want to take a look)