Monday, March 17, 2008

Rayyan's Fifteenth Outfit

Here Rayyan is wearing a brown thigh length coat over a orangy long shirt and brown trousers:

Anaan Cotton Sweater Jacket in Dark Brown for USD $49.95

She's wearing that top from Outfit One and Five again. I've found another option:

Shukr's Inverted Pleat Shirt in Henna for USD $48.95

For the pants you could use your Shukr's Lengha Pants in Dark Brown for USD $48.95 or

Al-Farah's Brown Slacks in Brown/Cream for USD $23.99


Hayah said...

My she looks fierce in that picture lol!

Celeritas said...

I know, its her "Give me a woman lifeguard so muhajabat can swim / do aquafit"!