Friday, March 14, 2008

Rayyan's Thirteenth Outfit - Abaya Substitute

Here's a very pretty dress Arrayan Dress in Sand for USD $79.95 Althought it's not cheap you get two items for the prices of one, you can wear the emboridered dress by itself or wear the open dress over other items in your wardrobe. You could even buy some of the other Arrayan Dresses which come in Sea Blue over Black and Grape over White and mix and match the layers.


Vanessa Fatima said...

This is cute, you're very good at finding substitutes mash'Allah.

Celeritas said...

Jazakallah Vanessa Fatima, good to know someone appreciates the jilbab and abaya presense on my blog!

Mizan said...

Tx for your blog.Are u muslim?make doha for me.