Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rayyan's Fourteenth Outfit - Hijab

Here are some options:
This scarf is the best match Scarf World's Skinny Velvet Scarf with Red Roses for £15.99 but is only 5.1"/13cm so is not suitable on its own as hijab. I suggest you wear it over a black al-amira

Here's some other options which also need you to put on your black al-amira first

Scarf World's Sheer Neck Scarf (Black Floral) for £2.95

Something quite different here Scarf World's Crochet Rose Scarf (Black) for £5.99

1 comment:

Alixianna said...

You are the scarf QUEEN! Malika al Hijab LOL My arabic is BAD.