Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rayyan's Thirteenth Outfit - Hijab

I adore this hijab, it is incredibly stylish and soft. The shayla is pink and is covered in floral patterns and hearts, and is worn over an olive green underscarf. I can't find any similar so I've found some really nice paisley pashmina options:

Scarf World's Jacquard Pashmina (Petal Pink Paisley) for £11.99

Scarf World's Beaded Pashmina Shawl (Rose Floral Paisley) for £34.99
Yes it's expensive but it is true pashmina and is very pretty.

Scarf World, has a wonderful section that is rare in general accessory sites in that it has a specific range of Hijab Scarves! They have a huge selection and I applaud them for responding to the needs of the Muslim community and encourage you all to have a look at their great website and huge range of scarves.

I have included this scarf, also as although it is quite different from Rayyan's scarf, it will match Rayyan's Thirteenth outfit well and has the soft floaty quality of the scarf she is wearing above:

Al Hannah Kuwaiti Style Wrap Hijab hi1276 in Pink for USD$14.99

Another pink option:
Aminah Fashions' Chiffon hijab with floral embroidery and diamante Code: style 4H for £4.95


Alixianna said...

Eeewwwwwwwwww this one is sooooooo pretty

Vanessa Fatima said...

Assalamo alaikum sister, I just came across your site and loooved it! (: super cute ouftits! I recently started a site with some ideas of modest dressing, I would love it if you checked it out and let me know what you thought! I will def. keep myself up to date with your posts!

Hayah said...

I love that first pashmina!

Anonymous said...

I came across this site called Hijab Planet which sells 100% silk Tesettur-style hijabs. They are so pretty and I know a lot of you were looking for them, so inshallah Hijab Planet will be a nice resource for you. www.hijabplanet.com

Celeritas said...

Salam anon, yes Hijab Planet is a great site. I can't afford them at the moment, but one day inshallah.

Kristin said...

This is by far my favorite hijab Rayyan wears. I have one very similar to it that I got from ScarfWorld, here the link to it: http://www.scarfworld.com/online_store/silk_chiffon_neck_scarf_pink_paisley_borders.cfm

It's a really close match, it just doesn't have the beautiful heart pattern that's on Rayyan's. How opague it is kind of depends on the person and how it's worn, but a white or light pink al-amira will fix any worries. :)