Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rayyan's Sixteenth Outfit

OMG Rayyan without a hijab! An interesting thing about Zarqa Nawaz being stuck with having to choose primarily non-Muslim characters to play Mercy's Muslims, as there were no appropriate Muslim actors available, is that they have no objection to being filmed without hijab as Muslima muhajabat would have. For example, Rayyan's mother Sarah never wears hijab outside the masjid (and then only a sheer scarf), Rayyan is shown mostly with hijab but without at home and Fatima is shown always wearing hijab except when they she first goes to a 'Women's Aqua Fit Class'.

The look that Rayyan is sporting here is hijab ready, like she has come home from work and taken off her scarf:

Al-Farah's Cotton Spandex Blouse in Forest Green for USD $24.99

Shukr's Braided Belt Denim Skirt for £28.95 or from Shukr USA for USD $48.95

Rayyan is a shayla girl but seeing I have free range at selecting a scarf option, I would pair this outfit with a dramatic tesettur scarf like this:

Hijab Planet's Peri Silk Hijab for USD $55.95

or a cheaper and simpler shayla:

Hijab Boutique's Teal Shayla for £4.79

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Hayah said...

Both those scarves are gorgeous mashallah!