Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rayyan's First Outfit - Top

Here's Rayyan at the new mosque for Jummah, you can copy this look by wearing this top

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Celeritas said...

I've found another site with appropriate tops the Muslim clothing estoreAl-Farah. Have a look at the Orange Cream and Rose Red colored Cotton-Spandex Blouse or the identical blouse style but with a pastel color intensity, the Cantaloupe Pastel Cotton-Spandex Blouse. The blouses are mid-thigh length with side splits, are long sleeved, collared and are button fronted. The blouses are US $24.99.

With these blouses if you wanted to copy the 3/4 sleeve look, the sleeves are designed so that they can be worn folded over. So again just layer the blouse over a pink long sleeve tee.