Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rayyan's Third Outfit - Scarf

Also a shayla-shawl scarf in pink with a pale apricot end, with a sheen to it. I couldn't find any scarves with an apricot end so here's some other options:

Try the shiny Star Scarves' Dark Pink with Sequins and Beads Scarf US $13.99

Or the silver shot The Hijab Shop's Vogue Hijab in Pink with Beaded Tassles £7.95

Or the flower patterned The Hijab Shop's Vogue Hijab in Pink £8.95

For something really different have a look at this striped Muslim Base's Igal Hijab - Maroon, Brown and Pink Tie and Dye Effect £4.99 This is a really different style of hijab and as far as I know it is exclusive to Muslim Base

The following is a YouTube Video from Muslim Base showing you how to tie this style of hijab

How To Wear Hijab Series - The Igal Hijab


M. Landers said...

As-salaamu 'alaikom,

Just going back through your old posts, and this scarf ... it is exactly the same as the one you said you own (in orange) but couldn't find on the web. :) Search out "triple layer silk," "3 layer silk," etc. (Especially on E-bay ... they're flooded with them.) "Rebirth of Chic" is selling them as "Moroccan Wraps"; I don't remember where but I saw a British seller marketing them as "Peacock Scarves."

Celeritas said...

Walaikum assalaam,
Yes you are right, great tip. Here's an a bright pink one like the hijab that Rayanne is wearing here:Hot Pink Hijab on eBay

Menna said...


The scarf that you are talking about- Rayan actually has worn the same scarf in several different colors- it is called the "Malaysian Wrap" on - they always have a wide variety of colors- they get new colors in every once in a while- and awesome pictures! It's such a pretty scarf- I have it in so many colors!