Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poll results and new poll

The results for the poll about what the priority of this blog should be are out. The options are hidden by the bars so I'll reproduce the answers here

- Choosing lower cost clothing options - 1 (10%)
- Offering clothing options from Muslim retailers over general retailers - 0 (0%)
- Copying Rayyan's clothing as closely as possible - 5 (50%)
- Seeking other sources of fashion inspiration beyond Rayyan - 3 (30%)
- Putting together outfits without inspiration from a pictured person - 1 (10%)

I will now remove the poll from the blog to save space.

It's clear that copying Rayyan's clothing should be the priority but that people are also interested in other hijab fashion role models. I'll have a look for some other pictures to imitate later on. Lower cost options and putting outfits together without a role model are priorities for 1 person each. I'll see what I can do to choose lower cost options and perhaps when I get more confident I'll try to put outfits together without inspiration.

A new poll is listed now with regard to the design of the blog page or blog articles with regard how to hijab instructions.

At the moment I have embedded youtube videos that show how to tie hijab from The Canadian Muslim and Muslim Base. If you like this tick box one and I'll keep it, I just don't want to clutter up the blog if its not helpful. The second option is for me to create a list of links of instructional guides to tying head scarves for hijab. If the embedded videos are not popular I will include links to them in this list. The final option is my writing an article on how to tie hijab. I've allowed users to select multiple answers, so pick as many as you want.

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