Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rayyan's First Outfit - Skirt

Rayyan's skirt in this episode is a deep burgundy color, ankle length, straight cut and appears to have a slight ruffle. The skirt looks to be made of an lined, sheer fabric with a crinkled texture. Here are a few options:

Shukr's Souk Skirt US $49.95 in Hibiscus

Shukr's A-Line Flare Skirt US $49.95 in Hibiscus if you prefer an unruffled skirt

a textured Indian option
al-Mujalba Sequence Tiered Skirt US $20.00 in Burgundy

a romantic silk skirt
Artizara Silk Dupioni Iridescent Skirt US $37.49 in Burgundy

Shukr has other skirt styles in burgundy which they refer to as Hibiscus, have a look Shukr Hibiscus Clothing

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Anonymous said...

I think you should keep the blog about Rayyan because there is another blog that fills the void for modest fashions, www.preciousmodesty.blogspot.com. Great topic.