Friday, July 13, 2007

Rayyan's First Outfit - Scarf

As you can see this is a very pretty scarf and is key to tying this outfit together. The scarf''s lighter color matches the long sleeve tee and the underscarf Rayyan is wearing. The darker color is similar to the skirt Rayyan is wearing and this will be the feature of the next post.

The thing about scarves is that they are all so different! It would take forever to find the exact same scarf as this as it features two colors, a striped patterned and a quick color transition. I'm sure its out there somewhere but it may be listed as a hijab, a shal, a shayla, a khimar or just a scarf. Also to look at a photo from a scarf it is hard for me to tell what it is made from. For these reasons its really hard to find the exact same scarf so a range of similar scarf options will be shown.

I will not be showing where to buy matching underscarves as they are one of the things that all hijab shops sell in a wide range of colors. Also some people never wear them, wear al amiras instead or wear unmatching ones under opaque scarves. What you wear under your scarf is a very personal decision, wear what you find comfortable. If your hunting for a particular color underscarf to go under a sheer scarf or to layer with The Canadian Muslim's 100% Cotton Undertube is a good place to start.

My advice is that you put your whole outfit together, then choose the scarf that goes with the outfit. Then chose an appropriate underscarf if you want to show it as Rayyan does in this outfit. If you choose a two-toned scarf match the lighter color to the long sleeve tee if you are layering and the underscarf. Then match the darker color to your skirt. If you one colored scarf make sure it goes with all the clothing you are wearing and match the underscarf to the long sleeve tee.

A Shukr Hijab Two Moons Wrap in Crimson, Peach, Rose or Blush US $9.95 Crimson is pictured, follow the link to look at the other color options.

This is the peach color of the Two Moons Wrap in Peach US $9.95 which would go well with the Columbia Halifax Shirt 3/4 Sleeves in Sea Coral US $32.95
This is a very pretty but pricer scarf Mona-Sheer Silk Chiffon Long Scarf with Feather Trim-Copper/Peach US $74 This scarf matches Rayyan's scarf best as it is sheer, has a similar color transition and is tassled. This is sold as a dress scarf but is appropriate to be worn as a hijab as it is 21" by 60". Just make sure you wrap it twice around areas that are not colored by your underscarf so that it is opaqe. Alternatively buy an Al-Amira in suitable colors to wear underneath.

This Canadian Muslim Scarf Cute Pink n' Yellow Tie Dye Sequined Striped Shayla is so pretty. Its quite different from Rayyan's scarf from the episode but it would go really well with if you choose a pinker or yellow top. The hot pink underscarf looks great here and if you chose this scarf I would advise you wore a hot pink tee too. A great thing about the Canadian Muslim is that she always advises what underscarf and pin to match with her scarves and what underscarf, pin and scarf to match her clothing! Look at the items under the "Like this photo?", "Add the accessories!" arrow.

For an Al-Amira option try the eJilbab Orange Al-Ameera
This is a lovely pale coral, not really orange at all. It would go great with the Columbia Halifax Shirt 3/4 Sleeves in Sea Coral US $32.95 or as an underscarf under any of the other scarves. If this scarf is true to its picture it almost exactly matches the underscarf Rayyan is wearing.
My eJilbab Al-Ameera has a lovely feeling against the skin and although it totally secure it is in no way tight as some underscarves can be.

Another option is to layer scarves of matching colors from ones you already own. Play around with scarves once you've bought the clothing. Scarves are so much fun!


Sofi said...

any UK based sites?

Celeritas said...

Try UK Shukr's Peach Contrast Stripe Wrap Hijab or Muslim Base's Long Peach Hijab with Netted Border and Ends.

I will try to include more UK companies inshallah!