Thursday, July 12, 2007

What this blog will be about

Salam walaikum everyone,
This blog is about Muslim woman's dress, hijab meaning to cover. Although this term is most strongly associated with the wearing of a scarf on the head there are a range of interpretations of what good hijab is. People will describe themselves as wearing hijab when wearing a scarf on their head with everyting from a loose one-piece dress like abaya, jilbab, chador, manteau to wearing loose tops with a skirt or loose pants to wearing tight trousers usually jeans with tight fitting even low cut, stomach exposing or short sleeved tops.

For myself I wish to dress in the middle of that range most of the time. I like wearing an abaya but I find it does not suit my lifestyle of university, playing sport, walking a lot and using public transport. I sometimes wear a jilbab that is styled to be similar to a suit of a coat and trousers when I'm working in my library job. Many of my sister Muslims here wear modest clothing from traditionally Muslim cultures like abayas and Somali khimar and I fully support their decision. Most of the time however I find it most comfortable to wear tops with pants or a skirt.

Finding inspiration of what to wear and how to wear it is a bit difficult as I live in a country which has only a tiny Muslim population mostly of refugees and migrants. There are no shops selling Muslim clothing in my city, just a few scarves at the Halal shop. So I have focused mostly on trying to buy modest clothing from general clothing shops, online auctions and online Muslim clothing stores. The thing I struggle with is knowing how large I should buy things to be modest and how to put it all together with a scarf. Sister Kima's Precious Modesty Blog has been great help as well as browsing online Muslim clothing stores and watching Muslim woman's fashion shows, image collages or how to tie your headscarf guides on YouTube.

I have been thinking over the last couple of days if there is someone who fits my ideal of hijab chique, fashionable, comfortable and modest without looking explicitly ethnic. I thought of The Little Mosque on the Prairie's Rayyan Hamoudi who wears the type of clothing I like. So this blog will focus primarily on me going through the outfits the character wears in the show picking them apart into similar items you can purchase.

A note about making comments, I am really happy to receive positive comments from readers and links to alternate items that could be used to imitate Rayyan's outfit. Inshallah this blog can be an inspiration for others!

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