Monday, June 8, 2009

Great piece: Herringbone jacket

Herringbone is great and it’s everywhere this Winter. Shopping over the weekend, I saw it on clothes and furnishings. It's a pattern I normally associate with men but it looks great on women for formal wear. I bought the jacket above in grey as that’s the most versatile for my wardrobe. I do hope it will come down in price though and I will buy it in some more adventurous shades like blue and green.

To wear a jacket modestly either pair it with a long knit with loose wide-leg trousers or wear it with a maxi skirt.


Anonymous said...

Do you live in Australia? B/c its the summer here in the US.

Sorry for being illiterate or whatever you would call it.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see, you live in New Zealand.

Again, sorry.

Celeritas said...

No problem Anon, I just feel silly encouraging sisters to go out and buy wool jackets when most of you are in the Northern Hemisphere. I just wanted to make it clear I am not crazy, its Winter down here in the South.

Cathy :-) said...

It's summer where I am too, but seeng this lovely jacket makes me (almost) look forward to winter. Oh, definitely get this in different colours when the sales come...I'd love to see it in lilac!

muslima said...

Assalaamu alaikum
Well my favorite is number 7. i liked number10 too as second best.

Houda said...

So another ezibuy addict! The current Spring one is awesome!

Stumbled upon your blog
:-) I am currently going through your archives! Ordinary behaviour, you think? :-)