Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Outfit!

My scarf is a shayla which transitions from light gray to dark gray vertically. I haven't been able to find anything the same but Islam Orient's Hijab Mix Smokey Gray Blue £4.99 would look really nice too!

or if you prefer more gray

The Hijab Shop's Edge Stripe Hijab in Gray £4.95

I'm a New Zealander so here's my New Zealand hoodie, substitute any gray hoodie you like here but patriotism always looks good. Antartic Shop's New Zealand Hooded Jacket NZ $54.50

For our American sisters' here's some Muslim and national patriotism:

Cafe Press' American Muslim Hooded Sweatshirt in Ash Gray US $28.99 Cafe Press also sell heaps of other Muslim 'branded' gear featuring "I love Islam", "Islam = Peace", "Islam Rocks", "I love Allah" etc on everything from T-Shirts to baby bibs

Wear a long sleeve black t-shirt underneath like this:

Islam Rocks Women's Long Sleeve Dark T-Shirt US $27.99

My skirt is black A-line with two box pleats at the back below back pockets, here's two options:

Essence of Black's Box Pleated Skirt in Black US $29.97

Shukr's Inverted Box Pleat Skirt in Black US $34.95

I wore black, New Zealand made vintage leather boots with this outfit, here's a similar style

Nine West Jemonia in Black US $192.95

Complete the outfit with a carry-all bag:
Pintucked Maison Handbag US$47


Anonymous said...

Salam Sister(s), I really like your site. Really nice and useful ideas and tips. Good on you for mixing chic hijab style with your national identity because for those living in the West that appear as Muslims you are also showing that you are a proud kiwi (or whatever). Very good PR/Dawah!

ainur said...

Salam from Sweden! Zor rahmet (big thanks) for this blog. I'm not a Muslim myself, but being 1/4 Tatar I appreciate the tradition. I found you while googling for Little Mosque on the Prairie (I hope this series will be shown on the Scandinavian networks sometime, too. God knows we need it!). Beautiful and practical fashion is inspiring and you have very good taste. Best wishes!

Sis said...

Yes I love the Dunya hoodies at they are cool and stylish. :o)

Jamila said...

I think they showed them on the web i saw them on Maybe its still there.

Celeritas said...

Cool hoodies, great suggestion.