Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rayyan's Eighteenth Outfit - Hijab

I love this hijab, its a multi colored and patterned large shayla of brown, yellow and pink with pi designs, swirls and stripes.

Here's my options:
Al Muhajaba el Aniqa Diana Camel Square Hijab for US$9.59

Scarf World's Sheer Lattice Panel Silk Scarf (Brown) for £8.99

Star Scarves Red, Orange, and Brown Paint Strokes Scarf (Hijab) for US$ 15.99

Scarf World's Sheer Shawl (Sunset Stripe) £6.99


Alixianna said...

I think the first is closest--Aalia I think owns it LOL---I will have to tell her to pair it with her green jumper.

Celeritas said...

Yeah I thought so too but like Aalia I wouldn't think to pair it with green.

But I know that you like a long hijab post alixianna so I thought I'd still do one even though I found a close hijab.

Vanessa Fatima said...

I agree, the first one matches best. I really like the last one though "sunset" is a fitting name.

M. Landers said...

Not to keep swinging through to say "ebay, ebay, ebay," but if you really love that exact scarf, well ... try here.

Celeritas said...

Wow m. landers aren't you fantastic to find the exact same scarf. How did you managed to find such a needle in a haystack?