Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rayyan's Seventeenth Outfit

Rayyan wears a very pretty blue outfit of a long turquoise tee with a bit of embroidery over navy trousers.

As usual Shukr has the best set:
Shukr's Soft Cotton Shirt with Tucks in Oceania for USD $48.95

with these trousers:
Shukr's Wool Flannel Pants in Navy Blue for USD $19.95 or for a wider trouser try Shurk's Lengha Pants for USD $48.95

I know I use Shukr alot, if you would rather I used some other site please recommend me one in your comments.


Humaira said...

Very pretty! Thank you for this site, its a great resource for Rayyan fans!

rieaane said...

What a nice color, I love blue also! thanks :)

Hayah said...

Love the blue colour! I tried ordering from Shukr once, but I ended up with a skirt that swept the floor! If you're petite, you will be swamped in yards of cloth lol. I wish they didn't make their clothes so baggy, or offered petite versions.

JiJi said...

Salam Sis,

That is an amazing look, very chic. Keep it coming, I wish to learn more from you. :)

khaleejia said...

i never heard abt Rayyan. but nice to see ur work:)