Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rayyan's Nineteenth Outfit

Here Ryanna is wearing a pale denim pocket shirt with a navy long sleeve tee underneath.

Here's a slightly darker shirt:

Hadi Store's Denim Button Shirt for USD$15

Grab a long sleeve body top from Canadian Muslim for USD $14.82 to go underneath, they are great as they are 23" long.

We don't get to see Rayyan's skirt in this but I thought this navy skirt would be nice:

Shukr's Navy Patch Pleat Skirt for USD $48.95


Ruqiyyah said...

I looove that skirt soo much!
It's actually in my queue of upcoming outfits!

Anyways, I love your blog! It's a unique take on the muslima fashion blog thing and Rayyan always has great outfits that you match up really well! I'm excited to see more.

Jasmine said...

Great find! The skirt is gorgeous and it goes so well with the denim shirt, thanks for posting!

Hayah said...

That skirt is so smart!

Wael said...

Interesting blog.

Alixianna said...

Girl, its time for an update!

onemuslimah said...

any updates...sister?

Zaenab said...

great outfit! i love the skirt