Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Working cheetah

This is what I'm wearing today I really love these silk feel polyester cheetah scarves so I bought them in both black and brown and they were on NZD$10 = USD$7. So this isn't true eşarp but I do think its pretty tesettür anyway. My big staff meeting went well, no one noticed or commented. One of my colleagues visited my office mate and look shocked and impressed by my look. He said it was very cool and that "have I like become an Islamist?" My office mate defended me and said that I had been Muslim for ages and that I wasn't a terrorist or anything. My colleague then said my look was 'mean' in a good way! It was neat to have such a positive response from a fashion perspective from a guy no less, but he was also really impressed and happy about me being Muslim. My officemate also went in for bat for me saying she's been Muslim for ages in a 'that's really normal don't you know'. It's really nice to see how supportive people are, even people that you don't expect will go out and bat for you if you give them a chance.

For me hijab is about pleasing Allah (swt) and about identifying as a Muslim. I am so proud to be Muslim and I thank Allah (swt) everyday for removing the veil from my eyes and showing me the truth that is Islam. Wearing the hijab reminds me that even though I am covered I can truly see and people can truly see me, as who I am, a Muslima.


thehijablog said...

Beautiful set. Love the scarf

*samra* said...

interesting out fit :) but omg i am loving that skirt

muslimahh said...

I LOVE the outfit!! I can't wait until it gets cooler here and I can start wearing boots!! Its great that your co-workers are being supportive, it makes it sooo much easier to wear the hijab when you don't have people constantly making comments or giving you dirty looks.