Friday, August 15, 2008

Funky Summer

I really like this look, very high fashion. I've chosen a similar coat and paired it with a flowy pink skirt to match the eşarp. Of course if you want to wear hijab properly you'll need to tuck your hair in but as I have said before many tesettür advertising images don't fulfil true hijab.

I've put a lot of accessories into this look so its so girly. Do you girls like to wearing floral accessories when you wear floral hijabs or not?


Ren said...

assalaamu'allaikum wr. wb.
sis, thank you for visiting my blog. as for the pictures, I tried to save bandwith by using less than 150Kb size pictures. by right clicking the picture, and choose "view picture" you will see a larger picture, not very much larger, but still bigger than it displayed on the posting.

I hope this will not prevent you to return to my blog, and thank you very much for your warm attention. You have an informative and interesting blog, sis. and just out of my curiousity, what is "Tesettür-Hijab" means?

BTW, I post a comment because cannot find chat/shout box.

thehijablog said...


Pixie said...

I would-flowers with flowers.

baitunjamil said...

What a beautiful look!