Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iranian Esarp

I regularly watch the wonderful show Mosaic by Link TV which organises Middle Eastern produced news into a week day half hour current events show in English. This image is of a beautiful muhajabat on al-Alam TV who is wearing an esarp (satin scarf) that repsonds beautifully under the stage lights.
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This scarf is quite different but equally beautiful in my opinion, here is a set similar to that the news anchor is wearing. I hope the sisters who wear abaya are enjoying my abaya sets, I myself rarely wear abaya however they are beautiful garments and I support all my sisters wishing to please their Creator (swt).

Gold anchor by celeritas


Anonymous said...


This style of hijab is not actually that popular in Iran, but with Arab Shia in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. It tends to denote a certain sectarian/political affiliation, so i stay well away.. Also the fabrics tend to be cotton and chiffon, rarely satins because of the way they hang.

Sabrina said...

She does look great under those lights! Did you hear about the TV anchor in Egypt who finally got her job back after SIX years?!?! And the trouble was because she wanted to wear hijab. I thought it was a great story of perseverance, and her determination to stand up for what she believed in.
Woo! Makes you feel good to be alive:)

Pixie said...

You know we are!!!!:D Much love back to our hijabi sisters-Alix

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

Beautiful pictures!

Active Muslimah said...

I have been to Turkey during July 2008. Majority of the turkish people have great affection to Islam and its cultural symbols. Even though, the Escarps are not encouraged by pro military elements, the heart of anatolia stand behind it. Could I hope that you will write about Turkish bloomers? I loved them a lot.It offers great freedom to move around.