Friday, December 19, 2008

Take a stand - to hijab!

"Women have broken through the glass ceiling in many areas. In this country, for instance, we've had two women prime ministers and a woman governor-general. We still have a woman chief justice.

In the sphere of travel, however, there are still a few barriers to be broken. In some countries, like Saudi Arabia, women can only visit if accompanied by a father or a husband.
 Women certainly suffer more than men from the need to conform with local dress customs. In Iran, for example, that means wearing a scarf, long-sleeved coat and closed shoes, regardless of the heat.

There are also many parts of the world where Western women have to take particular care because the local males have the impression that any female on her own or casually dressed is signalling she wants sex.

And there's no doubt that male travellers have a huge advantage when it comes to relieving themselves. For women the process is a bit more complicated, making relief much harder to achieve. My wife has sometimes seemed quite aggrieved by my advantage in that respect.

But all that may be changed by the emergence of the Shewee, a device which claims to allow women to, well, wee standing up.

Needless to say, I couldn't test it myself, so I asked my big daughter Alex to give it a test-run."

Hilariously I was wearing the same outfit as pictured when I read this article. I'll have my comfortable hijab clothes over standing up to wee any day.


abaya chic said...

ummm men aren't allowed to pee standing so why would women with this weird device lol??

ModestJustice said...

AbayaChic- Exactly!
Plus do women really want to be more like guys?

Anonymous said...

lol thats so goofy. They totally dont get it do they?

Anonymous said...

Abaya chic, men ARE allowed to pee standing up but it is sunnah to pee sitting, for men that is. Please, lets not complicate Islam any further :-)

abaya chic said...

it is allowed to urinate standing up on the condition that there is no risk of drops of urine splashing onto one’s body or clothes, and that one does not expose one's ‘awra, so unless men are peeing magicly peeing through there pants with out it touching their skin or clothing sitting is really the only option.

Brooklynne said...

"In Iran, for example, that means wearing a scarf, long-sleeved coat and closed shoes, regardless of the heat."
This comment is so uneducated it makes me mad... while I was not in Iran, I have been in Palestine(as you know) and the head scarf and clothing was actually much cooler than "western" clothing....