Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dog clothes!

Getting a dog is a big thought process for Muslims. They are regularly maligned in Muslim culture as unclean, unpleasant and yucky animals. People generally lump dogs and pigs together but they shouldn't. The rulings on pigs do indeed forbid Muslims from having anything to do with pigs, their flesh or areas where they have been as they are essentially filthy. The rulings on dogs however are quite different. I'm no fiqh expert and I won't go into the details here but basically as long as they have a job - hunting, sheparding or guarding and they live outside, it is perfectly acceptable to keep dogs. There are differences between the Sunni madhabs about whether their saliva and hair is pure or not, as I am a Hanafi the saliva is considered impure but not the skin or hair. To remove the impurity the contacted skin or clothing must be washed with water a number of times.

As we feel the need for a guard dog and are not at home during the day so don't want them to get upset by being alone, we got two! They are sister staffordshire terrier crosses and they are really nice dogs. They are still learning commands but don't do anything nasty things like biting.

As they are still quite slobbery and like to lick everything, hands, clothes, hijab, face I wear 'dog clothes'. These live near the back door and I put them on before I go to feed, walk or clean up after them. This way I don't need to wash them every minute, I just take them off when I go inside. This is what I'm wearing as my 'dog clothes' at the moment:


*~Ange~* said...

i love dogs!

Marjorie Dawson said...

I'm glad you got two for their own company. One dog would be mean and lonely. Amazing to read about your culture. A colleague said Muslims like cats, is this correct?

Thanks for a fascinating post.

smiley333 said...

how interesting- I am muslim and have two dogs and do have them for protection [I like to hike and walk so I have dogs to ward off harassers.

I too have thoughts of dogs as not haram- I don't see them as any more dirty than my shoe soles and other animals.

I proudly walk them with my hijab and am careful to be of clean clothes when I pray. Good idea about 'dog clothes'

ModestJustice said...

Wow what a great idea!
I don't feel like having any pets because of the shedding (because the cats live inside, well sometimes) and it would take a lot of time that I don't have, nor willing to give.
Maybe in Uni I'll get a kitten, they're so adorable!

oonik said...

it is very rare where i live to have muslims who rear dogs. in fact, most of the muslims here tend to frown on it. we do not have a need for guard dogs and if anyone were to keep it, it would be as pets. we do not have enuf space here to keep them outdoors too since almost everyone live in apartments

but having dog clothes is a brilliant idea i tink if you are a muslim and rear dogs. thank u for opening up my mind to such a possiblity !

Celeritas said...
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Celeritas said...

Ange - hehe I thought you would, we Australasians are pretty keen on dogs.

Marjorie - in terms of cats, yes I'd say most Muslims like cats and would keep them in their homes. Some schools consider their hair impure so would remove it from their clothes or prayer mat before they pray.

Smiley333 - great idea to have dogs to guard your person when you walk.

ModestJustice - yeah cats do shed a bit, we have two. As long as you get short hairs and wash and vacuum regularly you don't have much problem.

Oonik - yes, I notice the general objection to dogs when I travelled in South East Asia. In fact I saw stray dogs that were very wild and I see why people wouldn't like them that much - bitey and mangy. Muslims have actually historically had dogs, the Arabian Saluki is an indigenous dog to the Arabian peninsula which were raised by Bedouin for hunting.

Suslique said...

i live in apartment so i have two cats :) if someday i'll move to house with a backyard i'll definately get a dog for guarding and of course will keep it outside.

Anonymous said...

wow. it is brilliant!

i love dogs, but everytime i walk around the blocks i see many dogs getting walk around too. and i just think like : 'well, don't get closer to me'. hehe.

but your idea is brilliant, maybe i could try.

ladymuslima said...

Salams sis,

I really love your blog, masha Allah.
I’m starting out a hijabi blog / online store my self (from Indonesia), can I link your blog in mine?

Please check out my store, hopefully you’ll find it interesting. I promise I’ll keep on adding new stuff in there :)

M.J. said...

i love staffies!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have dogs in my home and I love them ! Allah made them evolve into sweet but very dependent on humans- so I provide all the love I can give ! And they provide protection, and of course they are snuggly too. I don't wear special clothing, just my normal.

Anonymous said...

The pic for this piece is hilarious! :0) Thanks for posting, Salam!

me said...

O I love dogs too, but I have no need for one *pout* alhumdulillah I feel very secure where i live.
I have a dream that inshallah one day we will have a self suffecent farm and then need dogs inshallah. I am allergic to cats and my son and husband have asthma besides. I am so not a cat person but I am sure inshallah that if we get to have a farm we will keep barn cats.
I'd like to get a goat, and a dog to keep her company. I love black labs.
I am pretty sure you need to make the ablution with dirt 1ce then water 7 times to get rid of the doggyness.