Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Horsey hijab

Equestrian hijab
Equestrian hijab - by celeritas on Polyvore.com
I love J Peterman, the clothes are beautiful, described with evocative stories and often hijab friendly. This is a lovely eqeustrian themed skirt suitlook great with subtle accessories. You could wear the jacket in a larger size to ensure modesty or drap a shawl over the top. The skirt looks beautifully loose and modest.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a beautiful skirt. HOwever, J. Peterman is too darn expensive.

smiley333 said...

I love big beautiful skirts!

Cathy said...

I love the theme you have going...dog walker clothes, and now equestrienne! How about one for the cat lover? I don't think there is any way to make Cat Woman's outfit hijab-friendly, is there? LOL Keep up the good work. :-)

hijabella said...

The jacket suits great with the beautiful skirt. Good work!

Artistry of a Muslimah said...

I came across your blog on wikipedia, and im happy to see find another kiwi muslimah in the blogging world! :) your sets are very beautifully layed out :)

Ajeng said...

This is great that your site is featured on wikipedia..
I am ajeng from Indonesia.
anyway, i just thought that maybe you can show something of Indonesian hijab (the headscarf), it's not just practical but now they decorate the top with stones and colorful knitting, even flower decorations.
This is not my website, I just found this online under "jilbab langsung" which basically means "straight (to wear) hijab". we don't use pins to wear this, just slide into it.
Most young people here prefer this since it's easy and look great.