Friday, July 17, 2009

Girly with sneakers

Casual fun

Here's a fun outfit that I've put together based on my new gorgeous Adidas Midiru sneakers. I'm sort of wearing this look today, with a long sleeve tee style dress and a grey coat. I love wearing girly colours and sneakers and scarves are a great way to do that.


veildegalore said...

Love the assemble... I have such a big problem tryin to figure our what to wear with sneakers, cus sometimes ballet flats dun cut it when i go for classes..Keep UP the great work!! perhaps more college fashion assembles. :)

Constructive Attitude said...

I love the green one!

Cathy :-) said...

Wonderful colours....the green dress particularly, and I love the design of the grey coat!

Rabia Ashraf said...

I love the look!! When you said that you put the look together. How do you make them online? I've seen many Hijab blogs and websites that have made their own styles without actually wearing them. Like this blog:

when you scroll down do you see it says the Abaya I'm in love with. How do they make their styles and stuff online on the computer?

please reply

Celeritas said...

@Rabia Ashraf
I use Polyvore to put these pictures together, search for it on Google and sign up.

I did actually wear an outfit similar to this but not exactly.

I'm not sure which abaya you are referring to, can you please reply to that post and I will endeavour to assist you with your inquiry inshallah.

Amara Zurie said...

those sneakers are so cool!

Lots of love, Amara