Thursday, July 9, 2009


In Singapore they pronounce the suburb Lavender, Lav-an-dar on the train, it amuses me alot.

I thought I'd keep up appearances and post my outfit today. I know I always wear boots but its so cold her in the Winter so I have to. I always wear my handknitted socks in them to keep extra toasty. 


Cathy :-) said...

Great colours here...I love the green & purple combo. I knitted a sweater with those same colours last year, and I think I need to get that scarf to go with it!

Babylonian Princess said...

omg i love this outfit! you certainly have a great taste! I'm so following your blog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea they pronounce lavender that way because of the Australian influence. The foreign country that most of them go for studies is Australia.Some of them are mixed Australian themselves.

Anonymous said...

when I was a kid, I saw the Joker in batman movie. his trademark colors are purple and green. SO since that childhood time where I did not wear hijab yet, till now that I'm married and is a hijabi... I AVOID green and purple combo like a plague!!