Saturday, December 8, 2007

Rayyan's Ninth Outfit - Scarf - Update!

Check out this wonderful option provided by an anon commenter:

Veiled by Design's Magenta & Olive Floral Print on Black 21" x 71" Rectangular Scarf for US$17.99

And the original, they are so similar:

Comment's like anons that find us another scarf option to copy Rayyan are what I would love to see more of at the blog. Anon - please contact me on the email in my profile, I would like to give you a prize for helping me out.

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Anonymous said...

In LMOTP S2 "Episode Meet JJ" Rayyan wears a hijab that is pink with a fan printed on it. Do you know what site it is from. I have seen it.

Thank you,