Friday, October 31, 2008

Her Closet Order

I love Malay clothes, although what I mostly bought while I was over there was hijabs. I needed these casual square cotton 'tudung' but I don't wear them that much now, I tend to wear shayla. 
I do however really love my blouses that I got in Brunei for SGD $25, however they are both bright turquoise and green with lots of embroidery so a bit too much for formal workwear. They are called Blaus Muslimah in the Malay language and are always at least butt covering length so about 30" long. You have to be careful though cos Malays are more petite than White or Black sisters so check they fit before you buy.
There are a wide range of Blaus Muslimah styles- formal business shirts, kurti styles, t-shirt, Western inspired like faux layered shirts, based on the traditional Malay dress the baju, coats, shirt dresses, salwar kemis, kimono, there are even some in galabia length with and without splits. Just to be really cool you can get Busana Muslim which is a matching set for your husband and tiny version for your kids,  Malays are into the matching outfits.
They usually sell for around USD$25 but Her Closet is selling them for $10, so yeah I jumped on them. I've got all the items above plus a cream blaus and I may get a grey blaus or the pink hoodie depending on what they have. What with shipping and Western Union fees they cost USD $14 but such good value! I will be wearing them all the time to work now I wear hijab there and I burnt two of my work shirts with the iron. I felt guilty for wasting them but I can only wear them with skirts, coats and long hijabs cos they are tight and short which is a pain. Now I have the hoodies I can wear them more, there's a great example of that here on Her Closet

She so classy and cute, I'd definitly wear that to work  and I doesn't scream, "look I'm wearing a hoodie!"

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Anonymous said...

Malay clothing is very beautiful and modest, mashAllah.