Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chain stores - Spring Just Jeans Blue

It's fantastic that maxi dresses are in fashion this New Zealand Spring season, I walked down the main shopping street here and thought - I want that, and that and that! So I've done this look all on Just Jeans clothing and accessories. I'm not sure if the scarf would be wide enough for a hijab but you could wear a navy al-amira with the scarf round the neck as shown. I'm not the biggest fan of all these items, the maxi dress is my key piece but I wanted to show that you can indeed buy a whole outfit of hijab from one shop. When I grew up in a small town there were only about four shops that sold 'cool' clothes and one was Just Jeans so its great to know that even sisters in small towns can get hijab clothes.


*~Ange~* said...

i hardly go to just jeans now. good to see an aussie store being used!
j. Jeans have great Maxi dresses though

Zaenab said...

a denim jacket and a long skirt/ maxi dress is a combo to die for, love it!