Friday, October 3, 2008

Rayyan's Twenty First Outfit - Hijab

In this look Rayyan wears a pale blue and off-green almost beige striped shayla over an olive underscarf. I really like how the off-green sections match the beige shirt without being matchy matchy. Here are my hijab options:

Hijab World Green Shimmer Striped Shayla for £6.99

Hijab World's Rectangular Rainbow Silk Blue Striped Shayla £19.99


Muslimah and proud said...

My sister in ALLAH
Very impressive designs and formats excellent
I'm Fatima from Jordan

Pixie said...

I like the top hijab best: D

A'isha said...

Mash'allah! I really like this look. Sister, you have such good fashion sense. I like most of these scarves you have listed better than Rayyan's original.

These stripey-scarves are really popular now but you can NOT get them in the States (it's where I live now). Ho hum. Good thing there's this little thing called the internet ^_^

Zaenab said...

hijab world have the greatest hijabs and these ones are soo pretty, i want them all lol :D