Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rayyan's Seventeenth Outfit

Rayyan wears a very pretty blue outfit of a long turquoise tee with a bit of embroidery over navy trousers.

As usual Shukr has the best set:
Shukr's Soft Cotton Shirt with Tucks in Oceania for USD $48.95

with these trousers:
Shukr's Wool Flannel Pants in Navy Blue for USD $19.95 or for a wider trouser try Shurk's Lengha Pants for USD $48.95

I know I use Shukr alot, if you would rather I used some other site please recommend me one in your comments.

Rayyan's Seventeenth Outfit - Hijab

Rayyan certainly likes cut velvet floral scarves, this one is blackish navy with blue flowers and green leaves.

A little bird told me, aka alixianna that my hijab posts are great so I've gone nuts!

This is a skinny scarf so you need a navy al-amira underneath Scarf World's Skinny Velvet Scarf (Blue Roses) for £15.99 It's the closest scarf to Rayyan's as its cut velvet in the same colors.

Still pretty skinny so stick with that al-amira Scarf World's Sheer Neck Scarf (Blue & Black Floral) for £2.95 This is similar in the patterns and colors but isn't velvet.

Scarf World's Long Sheer Shawl (Black & Blue Poppies) for £9.99 This scarf doesn't have any green but the turquoise actually matches her shirt better

Scarf World's Sheer Silk Shawl (Blue Flowers) for £9.99 Can you say pop! I really love this scarf, its quite different because it doesn't have any black but if you are going for the blue look try this great scarf.

Here's the al-amira you need, its nice and long so you don't have to be scared of the skinny scarf slipping off: Hijab Girl's Necessity One-Piece Al-Amira Hijab in Navy Blue for USD $5.25