Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rayyan's Eighth Outfit - Scarf

I love this scarf, purple sheer shayla with a mixture of purple toned patterns. So I'm going to use it as an excuse to share my new obsession!

When I went to South East Asia over Summer I found heaps of pretty colorful scarves at good prices. Coming back home to New Zealand however I haven't been able to find any websites that sell these Malays scarves, known as tudung. I've been searching a lot and found a few Malaysia based websites. Most Malays do actually speak English so even if you come across a website all in Malay, they are likely to be able to help you order in English. I talked to Fadzbiz who take orders in English, use Paypal and ship Internationally. Take a bit of time to orientate round the Malay named categories to find what you like, such as Corak are floral scarves and Tudung Turki are Turkish scarves. Another thing to be aware is that some scarves are quite small, like 38" square which suit small Malay girls but not necessarily other girls. Also Malay sisters are often happy for less coverage than other Muhajabat so just be aware of looking for the right size for you.

The big news however is all these scarves are less than US$3 / £1.50!

Fadzbiz's Bawal Corak RM9

Fadbiz's Pink Tudung RM9


fadzbiz said...

Thanks for promoting my website =)

nora said...

welcome to we do ship internationally