Friday, October 19, 2007

Hijab Advice

If you choose to wear hijab (i.e. covering your whole body with loose clothing and covering the hair, neck and ears) wearing a sheer scarf by itself is a risky business. If you get a couple of layers of coverage when you are tying them they may become opaque however if you have any movement of the scarf then it's see through again. Looking at this picture, if the tail was pinned at the ear and draped down at the front of the chest it would cover the neck and ear however if the wind caught it, you would expose this area. The safest thing is to get yourself a one-piece or two piece al-Amira to wear under your sheer scarves. If its cold it will add another layer to keep you warm and if its hot I would suggest you look for a hijab specifically labeled as breathable. Hijab companies are moving into more breathable fabrics so have a look at al-Hannah al-Amira from US $7.99, Queendom al-Amira from CA$14.50 and Star Scarve's al-Amira from US$7.99.

Enjoy your sheer scarves, they are pretty and available in wide range of Western stores. All you need is an al-Amira to keep you in hijab! When you are wearing a full cover Amira underneath your scarf you create some daring hijab styles or even wear a scarf that is traditionally too small to wear as hijab.


Scarf Ace said...

hi there! salam. i really like your blog because i really like "little mosque on the prairie," rayhan's style, and hijab fashion! i always try to pay close attention to what rayhan's outfits are like--and now your blog will help me with that. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is really useful, I just noticed another thing though and this has to do particularly with the way Rayyan wears the hijab, it never seems to cover the bosom, I realize of course that some hijabs are not quite as big but nevertheless , keeping in mind the verse from the Quran:and let them wear their head-coverings over their bosoms(An-Noor, Chapter #24, Verse #31) might also be handy when considering what hijab to wear.

Celeritas said...

Rayyan is a character, so I guess she is dressed as the writers think a person like her would, not necessarily always as the hijab should be. Remember to always stick by your hijab sisters, live it and trust in Allah swt.

Alixianna said...

Salaam alaykom,

I have a similar problem to New Zealand---Canada LOL. We're the same age with the same problem, and both reverts (and I bet we have a matching hijab collection LOL).

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