Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rayyan's Ninth Outfit - Scarf

There's that neck again, put it away Rayyan! Anyway, this is a large sheer shayla which black with a floral pattern of pink and beige flowers along with leaves.

Here's the only thing I could find similar:

A large opaque shayla - Hijab Al-Muminat's Cottony Hijab with Dark Red Floral Print US$6.99


.... said...

Salam :)
Stumbled across your blog accidentally, but I'm glad I did. You've inspired me with your style just as u intended. :)

Take care inshallah

latifa said...

sallam sister how are you ?
i love your blog keep up the good work .. who is rayan? also please check out polyvore its a site where you can create looks and i have found a few modest looks there :D

Anonymous said...

this one might work

Celeritas said...

Wlkm salaam Latifa, Rayyan is a fictional charcter in the CBC tv show Little Mosque on the Prairie have a look at this website

I had already heard of Polyvore but thanks for the tip, have a look at my first polyvore based posting: